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be kind to those you love, and be kind to those you don’t. 
but for god’s sake you gotta be kind and respectful because we’re all one soul.

be the best fucking human you can be.

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I miss the way we talked before you went away to school.
Now all you seem to say is “Baby, how could it be you?”
I hate the way you’re leaning and you’re looking at your phone.
I hate the way I feel like dying when I’m alone.

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sometimes ya just gotta eat a whole pizza

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11:39 pm
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I’m sorry I’m never on this blog anymore, I started an anime blog that was meant to be a side blog but has slowly become my main. Uh, so yeah. Sorry.


  • Abusers can do nice things for people they are not abusing.
  • Abusers can do nice things for people that they are abusing.
  • Abusers can otherwise seem like nice, caring, supportive people when they are not actively abusing someone.
  • It does not mean they’re not fucking abusers.

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Makeup isn’t for women.

Makeup is for people who like wearing makeup.

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